All classes are closed this week.

I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend and enjoy the windy Bank holiday. Please remember, classes this week are closed and we resume on Monday 4th April. If you still have Easter eggs in the house, think before eating them or consider what you may have to do to burn off the calories you have eaten!

Enjoying a walk at 3mph (the equivalent of a 20-minute mile) burns around 300 calories an hour, but find some hills and you could increase that to around 425 cals.

2 Get stuck into the housework: Cleaning, vigorous vacuuming, scrubbing, moving furniture and lifting boxes can add up to around 450 calories an hour if done continuously and at speed.

3 If you have a garden, get out in it. Doing the odd bit of weeding & potting won’t get you far, but hoeing, digging, raking leaves & moving pots & bags of compost for 60 minutes will help you burn around 350 calories an hour.

An hour of swimming is a great calorie-burner. Continuous butterfly burns around 1000 cals. Continuous breast-stroke at a reasonably fast pace burns around 750, front crawl 700, backstroke 600 and a leisurely swim 400.

5 A leisurely cycle ride will burn about 350 cals an hour, but speed it up & you could hit around the 600 mark.