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It’s the end of the summer holidays and we’ve something to cheer you up – a 25% off end of summer sale on my Premier Club membership* when joining for 4 months – taking us up to Christmas! So there’s still time to get in shape for 2018. To claim your amazing 25% discount* simply select ‘4 […]

Christmas Party 2017

Friday 15th December 7pm Pizzeria Venezia Dear Friend of Slim & Fit, You are invited to join us for our end of year Christmas Party at Pizzeria Venezia. Enjoy an evening of great food and company. You can even burn off the calories with the disco at the end of the evening. Places are limited […]

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to say to all my lovely members, I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year. Classes will start again on Monday 9th January 2017. See you next year!

Christmas Party Dates

In just 6 weeks time we will have our Christmas celebrations. There are two events for you all to join in. Christmas Lunch at Stanwick Lakes Café Solar, Wednesday 14th December 12:30pm. The lunch is two courses for £15.95. View the menu. Christmas Dinner & Disco at Pizzeria Venezia, Friday 16th December 7:15pm. The dinner is […]

Charity Aerobathon raised £557 for Glamis Hall

Thank you for everyone who came to my charity aerobathon for Glamis Hall. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you to the local community for embracing the vision of the charity and donating all the raffle prizes. And thank you for all that brought raffle tickets, whether you come to class, are family and friends, or […]

Feed 4 for £5!

Try these weekday meals to feed four people for £5 – they’re easy to make, too… Spicy pasta Cook 300g wholewheat pasta to the pack instructions, then drain. Meanwhile, drain the oil from a 50g can anchovies into a large pan, add 1 finely chopped large onion and cook for 5 min. Add 1tsp dried oregano, a […]

Low-fat vs high-fat… THE TRUTH

Here we go again on the merry-go-round of endless contradictory dietary advice. The National Obesity Forum and the Public Health Collaboration have called for a ‘major overhaul’ of current dietary guidelines, saying that focusing on eating a low-fat diet is making people fat.

Rock That Frock Summer Challenge

As you know, at around this time every year, we come up with a challenge that we hope will inspire and motivate you to put that extra bit of effort into achieving your goals. Why do we do this? Quite simply – no matter how well you are doing, we all fall a little flat sometimes […]

Evening Christmas Party

I can’t believe that December is now nearly here but I am looking forward to our Christmas dinner next Friday at Pizzeria Venezia. We will be seated in our own private dining room upstairs at 7pm. Elvis will be in the building & there will be a disco to dance off all those calories eaten! […]

5 Steps to Overcoming Weight Loss Failure

Do you feel like it’s impossible to motivate yourself to lose weight? Or when you do you quickly lose that motivation and quit? What if there was a way to get that motivation and keep it; a few simple steps to follow in order to put yourself on the right track and stay there. Would it be worth giving it a go?