Welcome 2017

A Happy, Healthy 2017 To You All

Can you believe it’s the 9th of January already!! I hope you have had a wonderful time over the holidays and are now looking forward to getting back to classes and focusing on your goals! Many of you achieved great results last year and I want to encourage all of you that this can be your year to become Slimmer, Fitter or maintain the goal you have now achieved.

I am very excited about my 2 NEW plans for 2017, my Rapid Reset Plan and Hormone Revive Plan. Both are available to buy right now on my website (just following the links). Printed copies of the plans will be available in class from Monday. Furthermore, I have a special offer on the Rapid Reset Plan just for you this week at £5, 40% off the standard price. In our Rapid Reset Plan there are options to juice, if you wish, or just following the standard revive plan.


7-Day Rapid Reset Plan


Hormone Revive Plan

Why do we need to reset our bodies?

After feasting over the Christmas and New Year period our bodies will be crammed with unwanted toxins. You may be feeling sluggish, low on energy and be struggling to find the energy to do things. This 7-Day plan sets out the route to reseting your body and clearing out all those unwanted toxins. It provides an easy-to-follow daily food plan together with recipes and ingredients. The Rapid Reset Plan is excellent preparation for my Hormone Revive Plan.

What’s a Hormone Revive Plan?

A woman’s hormones are meant to work together like an orchestra, to produce a symphony. Unfortunately after the age of 40 the hormones start to get out of sync, due to our modern lifestyle and the peri-menopause. Imbalanced hormones can lead to many symptoms such as bloating, digestive problems, hot sweats, skin problems, excessive belly fat, and other fairly alarming signals. The solution is my Hormone Revive Plan. I will show you a Simple 10-Step Plan to be healthy and happy, without sacrificing everything you enjoy in life! The plan explains the following:

  • The common hormone imbalances that kill weight loss after 40
  • A new way of eating that you can stick with forever and not feel like you’re missing out
  • How to lose weight without counting ANYTHING!

Back to Class

All classes resume this week apart from Kettlebells so check out our times on my website. Fitness Pilates courses are back on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  If you haven’t already booked your place Fitness Pilates then you can do this now, I only have a few spaces left. Please contact me today if you would like a place reserving or buy online.

I am looking forward seeing all my lovely members and  welcoming those who haven’t been in a while back and helping our newbies too. Together we can do it. Small steps make a BIG difference.


Tracey Amis



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