She is unique!

Premier Club+ member Caroline has lost over 3 stone.

“After the birth of my daughter Paige in 2000 my existing back problems worsened and my mobility slowed up. At this time I had decided to give up smoking, was bored at just being at home and so I ate.

“I tried being good with my eating but it just wasn’t happening! I wanted to get back into my wedding dress for my wedding renewal and my friend Heather suggested I join Tracey’s classes. I thought slimming clubs were only there to take your money and I was really surprised at the attitude of Tracey. I’m so glad I decided to join.

“It really helps that you’re in a group and all of the ladies are there for the same reason. There is plenty of help and advice and it is good to hear other member stories.

“Class is fun as well as hard work and sweaty. We have a great time and discuss our failings with the other members and they help you back on track.

“I wanted to lose about 2 stone and was elated when I’d actually lost 2 ½ before the renewal date! My husband Les and I renewed our wedding vows last year.

“Since losing weight my mobility has improved 10 fold. I have lost 56” of fat from my body which is brilliant. I have also shrunk from a size 22/24 to a 14/16 so shopping for a new wardrobe has been great fun. I haven’t finished losing yet; my next target will be my 50th birthday at the end of August 2014, and my goal is 5 stone off!! With the help and encouragement I’ve been getting I’ll do it.

“My friends think I look amazing and that I’ve done really well. I feel great now that I look so much better and no longer look 9 months pregnant.

“To anyone struggling with their weight I would say, “Try Tracey’s classes and see what you think. No one ever said weight loss was easy but everyone can lose weight if they want to. It’s really just a case of eat less fat and move more.

“Tracey is focused, encouraging and enthusiastic. She is committed to helping her clients and she is definitely up for the challenge with me. If you gain over a week or even 3 as I did she has nothing but good supportive things to say never makes you feel awkward or embarrassed. She only has really good advice and suggestions for you to get back on track. I think that if I hadn’t have started class and met Tracey I would still be the same size or bigger. She is unique!


Highest Weight15st 9lbs
Lowest Weight12st 1lb
Highest BMI34.3
Lowest BMI26.5