Embrace the change!

Nigel Underwood

I am currently at a point where l have lost approximately 3 1/2 stones in the last 10 months. I say approximately because I ran out of numbers on my weighing scales! The fact the numbers on my scales didn‘t go high enough to weigh me plus some very unflattering holiday snaps prompted me to join my wife and daughter and attend Tracey’s Saturday morning Kettle bell classes.

I decided this needed to be part of a lifestyle change and so embraced “healthy eating” and have some great encouragement from my family and friends and of course Tracey and have virtually cut out snacking on all the “’bad’ foods that are so easily available as part of my job as a mobile service engineer

Tracey‘s kettle bell classes are great fun as well as being a really good workout, I really look forward them. Being part of a club really helps. the others in the class are so supportive and meeting old friends and making new om has been an added bonus. I still have a way to go, but by keeping going with the clam and keeping it fun I’m sure I will continue to reap all the benefits of the weight loss – feeling healthier, happier and more energetic.

Highest Weight18st 12lbs
Lowest Weight15st 12lbs
Highest BMI33
Lowest BMI27.7