Have a lighter day!

Alex Brown

What’s your situation right now?

Well… I am a little lighter now and discovering that when I open my wardrobe still nothing fits! Not only have I got into last years clothes, I am finding that even those are looking huge.  I have dropped down a whole dress size including trousers!

What made you decide to do something to lose weight?

Opening the wardrobe and looking for yet another pair of black trousers to hide in. Shopping at Christmas for a dress to wear, needing the next size, refusing to buy it so returning home with nothing great to wear. Returning to the dreaded wardrobe for…yes you’ve got it…the black trousers!

What had you tried before to lose weight?

Looking in the mirror and feeling really disappointed in myself and feeling quietly unhappy, but not telling anyone how I felt about my weight increase. I really didn’t know where or how to start, and was particularly difficult when studying for an MA takes up such a large part of any spare time I have and means a larger than life bottom sitting firmly on a seat!!! Not a good combination when you want to get smaller.

When you were happy with your weight?

Straight away! From that very first week as I tentatively placed myself on those scales. Even though I was at my heaviest, I knew that the changes I was being encouraged to do, meant that I was addressing a problem head on. The next week I would be a little lighter, but I would never be that first weeks weight again and so on.  The hardest part was feeling brave enough to ask for some help and guidance in the first place. I was back in control.

Can you remember when you started to put on weight?

Not really. I felt my largest at Christmas time.

Did you receive any support from your family and friends?

I didn’t really ask for any help. I just got on with it.

What improvements have you experienced in your life since losing weight?

I feel happier. I sleep so much better. My knees don’t ache as much and my general health is better. I look less ‘bumpy’ in clothes. I cleanse my body first thing with hot water and lemon. I drink lots of water and fruit teas. I think of alcohol as ‘empty calories’ and think twice about having a glass of wine. I eat carbohydrates (which are weighed) at teatime and not in my salad at lunchtime. I have the occasional low fat fruit yohurt but prefer 0% greek style yohurt, fruit and a meringue nest if I need something sweet. I don’t eat processed food, unless it comes with a label that says ‘Weight watchers’!

What hopes or plans do you have for your future?

Well, when I reach my goal there will be no going back. Once my study has finished I intend to devote more time to exercise, walking and cycling with family and joining Tracey at a pilates class. I would like to continue to be weighed, and if I add a few pounds on here and there then I know sensible ways to shed them now.

How do you feel about yourself now you have lost weight?

I feel quietly proud of myself.

Have people commented about your weight loss?

Yes, my husband and closest friends – all the important people in my life.

How has being a member of a club helped you in losing weight?

Absolutely. There is no doubt about it. My intention when I started was to be weighed and join a class. This proved impossible to do this year consistently so Tracey suggested to arrive once a week at any class I could manage to appear at, stay if I could to exercise and if I couldn’t then that was fine too. I have appeared in several different classes since January, missed several along the way, but make every effort to attend the following week. This must drive her mad!!!, but she never says so as I amble in when I can.

What makes the club special or unique?

I love going. I have never missed a week because I have been afraid I have put on weight, it simply has been because of work load. I know this work commitment won’t last forever and am really looking forward to working on improving my body tone. Tracey seems to accommodate this without any fuss.

What has kept you coming to class?

Sharing the week with Tracey and others when I can. I loved going to pilates in the school half term and chatting to other people.

How would you describe Tracey in 3 words?

Well I’m going to use 4


E…..Energetic and


T…. terrific…Thanks

How has Tracey helped and supported you in your weight loss?

All the above.

Do you have anything else to add?

Just the biggest of thank yous. You’ve got me in your class forever!

What would you say to someone struggling to lose weight?

Make a change TODAY. Join us. The hardest part is getting yourself through the door. Jump on the scales, dust yourself down and greet each new day with “I’m going to be a little lighter today”. Tracey will help you all the way.

Highest Weight14st 6lbs
Lowest Weight11st 13lbs
Highest BMI28.2
Lowest BMI23.3