Healthier at 60!

Linda Niro

What’s your situation right now?

Have reached my goal weight and am feeling good.

What made you decide to do something to lose weight?

I was turning 60 and was planning a special holiday, and realised that I needed to do something about the extra weight I had put on albeit just over a stone, I was not feeling good or confident in myself about this extra weight, I was also feeling more sluggish within myself.

What had you tried before to lose weight?

Weight watchers & Slimming World, both worked but I found it hard to maintain my weight once I had lost it.

When you were happy with your weight?

16 years ago.

Can you remember when you started to put on weight?

About 5 years ago.

Did you receive any support from your family and friends?

Yes I did.

What improvements have you experienced in your life since losing weight?

Feel healthier and have more energy.

What hopes or plans do you have for your future?

To try and stay focused on living a healthy lifestyle. To keep the weight of and continue to exercise.

How do you feel about yourself now you have lost weight?

Good. More confident on how I look.

Have people commented about your weight loss?


How has being a member of a club helped you in losing weight?

Incentive to continue to keep the weight of and be more focuses on my goal.

What makes the club special or unique?

Nice group of people and the sharing of stories.

What has kept you coming to class?

To show that I can get to my goal weight, keep it off and the exercise class.

How would you describe Tracey in 3 words?

Passionate, encouraging, supportive.

How has Tracey helped and supported you in your weight loss?

By encouraging and being supportive.

What would you say to someone struggling to lose weight?

Join a slim & fit class.

Highest Weight9st 13lbs
Lowest Weight8st 12lbs
Highest BMI25.4
Lowest BMI22.7