Join our club. It’s the best thing you can do!

Harry Evans

What made you decide to do something to lose weight?

I was advised by my doctor that I needed to lose weight to improve my health. I want to look after myself for the sake of my family. I wanted to be more mobile.

What had you tried before to lose weight?

I had tried various other diets with little success.

When you were happy with your weight? 

When I was with the Territorial Army.

Can you remember when you started to put on weight? 

When I stopped smoking 26 years ago.

Did you receive any support from your family and friends?

My wife helped me to cut down my portion size by having the same size herself. My children gave me lots of support as well.

What improvements have you experienced in your life since losing weight?

I am much more mobile, have more energy and feel much more confident in my appearance.

What hopes or plans do you have for your future?

I hope to live longer.

How do you feel about yourself now you have lost weight?

Fantastic and proud of myself.

Have you celebrated your weight loss?

I will when I reach my goal in a couple of months.

Have people commented about your weight loss?

Yes, people say how much healthier I look and how much younger (but they don’t see me in the morning) one Grandson who will remain nameless asked me where I rest my tea now, (I used to rest my cup on my belly).

How did you hear about class?

My wife used to go.

How has being a member of a club helped you in losing weight?

Besides the exercise, we learn about the good foods to eat, the tips from the ladies in our club.

What makes the club special or unique?

I think the support we get from Tracey and the ladies of our club.

What has kept you coming to class?

The Support of our trainer Tracey and other club members. No one specific thing; it’s the whole atmosphere.

How would you describe Tracey in 3 words?

Pushy. Assertive. Loveable.

How has Tracey helped and supported you in your weight loss?

Praise when you lose and advice when you don’t.

Do you have anything else to add?

When I joined the Wellingborough club I was a little concerned as I had a good idea I would be the only male, I was soon made welcome and given help and advice from all the other members. Now they take the mickey out of me the same as they do everyone else (but in a good way). I am surprised at the good natured fun everybody has together, everyone cares about everyone else.

What would you say to someone struggling to lose weight?

Join our club. It’s the best thing you can do. You feel better, look better and have more energy.