Support & Friendship

Lisa lives with her husband Mark, and two boys Travis and Brandon. For the last five years she has been a child-minder.”

Premier Club+ member Lisa has lost over 3 stone since joining.

“While I was growing up I was never a slim child, but was ok with how I looked. As the years went by I slowly gained more weight, but I was active so wasn’t bothered with a pound or two (or so I thought.)

“After having my second child I put on a lot of weight, and decided to try to do something about it. I tried different types of diets and even joined the gym. I hated every minute of the gym and hated trying to count syns or points, when I had to read half a book to work out how much I was eating. Also I didn’t think I was “that” big, so I was ok and could try again another time.

“When I went away for my best friend’s hen weekend I had a great time, and was happy with how I looked, until I saw the photographs and I could not believe the size I had reached. I decided straight away to look into changing my diet for good. I looked on-line for some help and came across Rosemary Conley on-line. I managed to lose a little weight following the diet, but decided that I needed to join a class to get the extra support and the exercise. This is when I joined Tracey’s class.

“Since joining I have had different support from my family. My eldest has been asking many questions about the food, “Are you allowed to eat that? How many calories are in that?” My husband has gotten rid of the bad food in order to help me. My mum joined the Tracey’s class at the same time so we could encourage each other. We asked each other questions about the food we were cooking. I also had support from Tracey, who I phoned, emailed and text frequently to ask advice and questions.

“I have had complements about my weight loss, saying how well I am looking, which makes me smile and feel very confident about my achievements.

“Every time I go to class I’m glad that I found the class details on-line. The members of the class are very friendly, and we all support each other. I look forward to attending class every week. I don’t feel like I’m attending a class, I feel like I am meeting up with friends and we are laughing our way through the routines. Tracey is the reason we all attend. As well as supporting us all she is a friend.”