I feel that I can do anything!

Premier Club member Louise has lost nearly 3 stone since joining

“When I left school and found myself an independent young adult I began to put on loads of weight. I was able to eat what I wanted for the first time and I ate all the wrong things. I had managed to lose weight when I was nineteen but I put it all straight back on again and more.

“I had been trying to lose weight following various diets but just ended up getting very fed up; I just wanted to feel good. None of my clothes fitted and I really wanted to be a healthier for my kids. I felt depressed and needed to make a change.

“After years of feeling unhappy and being overweight, my mum and I both felt the same – we felt we had ‘dieted’ for most of our lives and it got us so depressed. We decided to join Tracey’s classes after we’d seen details online. It was the best thing we ever did.

“My mum was especially supportive as we lost weight together at class. It has helped so much having her there with me. My husband has also supported me throughout and continued encouraging me.

“When my mum and I first came to class we were thought that if we lost a stone we would be amazed. After Tracey’s encouragement, exercise, helpful hints, fun exercises and smiley face we lost a stone in four weeks! Tracey encouraged us to go on to the next stone and continually encouraged us along the way. I’ve have now lost nearly 3 stone.

“We even lost weight when we were on holiday due to Tracey’s advice and support. Never would have I have believed it.

“Seeing all my friends at class, the exercise, being with a bunch of people that get together and become a friendly community are all things that kept me coming.

“Since losing weight my confidence has improved 100%. I feel that I can do anything. I am happier and feel just amazing every day. My health is so much better; I no longer get out of breath when walking and my asthma has gone!

“When I look in the mirror I can’t believe it is me. When I go shopping and pick out clothes I try on anything and cannot believe they fit me and look good! I dreaded clothes shopping before.

“I have had so many comments from everyone. It makes me feel amazing! I now just want to live life to the full. I want to participate in more exercise and have joined ‘Race for Life’ this year. I am really appreciative of what I have and am proud of myself.

“Tracey helps by listening and encouraging you. She has a way of helping but doesn’t tell you off if you go a bit wayward! The exercise is brill too. It gets you in the mood to lose weight for the coming week. She is inspiring, encouraging and smiley!

“We thank Tracey and her class for giving us a new, healthier, confident, happier lease of life!

“To anyone who is struggling to lose weight I would say, “Join class. It works. To see and be around others that are in the same position as you, helps so much. You can encourage one another.”