On Top Of The World!

Brenda Beck

What’s your situation right now?

Pleased with my weight loss but worried that I may put back the weight I lost as I am unable to come to Slim and Fit classes for support at the moment but will definitely be back as soon as possible.

What made you decide to do something to lose weight?

I was steadily getting heavier and knew a line had to be drawn.  Also I was planning a return to Nepal, a country I love, for a holiday involving some tough uphill trekking and jungle walks.  I know that it is easier and therefore more enjoyable with less weight to be carried around.  There are many known health benefits of being slimmer and I would like to live a long and healthy life.

What had you tried before to lose weight?

Various crash diets which had very short term effects and joining a gym, which I felt did not offer the support and camaraderie of a Slim and Fit class.

When you were happy with your weight? 

Back in my 20’s when it seemed so much easier to lose a few pounds.

Can you remember when you started to put on weight?

I seem to have always struggled with my weight.

Did you receive any support from your family and friends?

Yes, and this is important.

What improvements have you experienced in your life since losing weight?

Being able to choose nice clothes and feeling comfortable in them. Planning more adventurous walks and treks.  Increased confidence.

What hopes or plans do you have for your future?

Maintaining my new lower weight and improving my fitness level as I get older.

How do you feel about yourself now you have lost weight?

A little proud of myself, coupled with the feeling that it could be so easy to put the weight back on if I don’t focus on my goals.

Have people commented about your weight loss? 

Yes, and that makes me feel good.

How has being a member of a club helped you in losing weight?

Immensely.  I couldn’t have done it otherwise.

What makes the club special or unique?

It’s friendly, non-judgmental, offers exercise for all levels and Tracey offers genuine support.

What has kept you coming to class?

The friendly atmosphere and the varied exercises and the fact that I have seen my weight steadily dropping.

How would you describe Tracey in 3 words?

‘Slim and Fit’ and that’s how I would like to be.

How has Tracey helped and supported you in your weight loss?

Encouragement and offering enjoyable exercise classes that I want to attend.

Do you have anything else to add?

Tracey’s classes are unique in offering personal, individual support to anyone of any age, weight or fitness level.

What would you say to someone struggling to lose weight?

Don’t do it alone.  Go along to a Slim and Fit class.  How much would you pay to be slim, fit, healthy and more confident?  The classes offer good value if you look at it that way

Highest Weight12st 9lbs
Lowest Weight10st 12lbs
Highest BMI32.4
Lowest BMI27.8