Fit and Forty!

Premier Club+ member Rachel has lost over 3 stone since joining.

“I have always struggled with my weight. I began to put on pounds as young child after my mum died, and through my teenage years I was never really happy with how I looked. As I got older my weight and size fluctuated easily, and after the birth of my children I tried different ways to shift the excess; I’ve tried Slimming World and Weight Watchers, always searching for the elusive perfect figure!

“It was Christmas 2012 that I was at my lowest. I had spent the year putting on weight and although I didn’t want to be this way I didn’t know what to do about it. I didn’t want to go out, I made excuses not to see people, especially old school and university friends who knew a ‘smaller’ me. I didn’t want anyone to see me. I avoided going shopping, my clothes size was going in the wrong direction and to be frank, I was embarrassed to take clothes in to a changing room as they were either be too small or look hideous on me.

“I became more concerned that age was not on my side! When I was younger I could lose weight if I cut out chocolate (my weakness) for a bit. It was no longer working. My 40th birthday was only a few years away and I didn’t want to be ‘fat and forty’. I wanted to be happy and I wanted to be a mum that my children felt proud of.

“My neighbour had started to go to class, and told me that the instructor, Tracey, was lovely and was starting a new class at our children’s school hall. If I’m honest I was very dubious. I’d been to slimming clubs before, they had worked for a short time but there was never anything to keep me going. The thought of exercising with a load of ‘skinny minnies’ made me feel ill! But I went.

“It was terrifying at first, but all of that was my own fear inside myself. Tracey was indeed lovely, and made me feel very welcome. After a few weeks I decided to go for the option of join Premier Club+, in order to go to as many classes as I liked. I wasn’t sure how many I would go to, but I knew that if I paid up front it would make me go! Classes aren’t ‘hard work’, don’t get me wrong, you certainly work hard, but they are really enjoyable.

“Tracey has been exceptional; she has never made me feel awful if my weight loss stumbled, I did that all by myself. She has offered challenges if we wanted to take them up and has always been encouraging. Tracey has been more than just an ‘instructor’ she has been a friend. She gets to know each and everyone of the people who come to her classes. I honestly believe when I got to my 3 stone mark she was just as happy for me as I was. Tracey makes you feel like a friend. When things were going wrong for me, and my son was going through a bad time, she was genuinely interested; she tried to help and went out of her way to try to make things better.

“My husband, close friends and children have been brilliant. They have supported me and encouraged me, and helped me believe in myself. Since losing weight I have set myself little targets and goals. I have booked a holiday aboard this summer and for the first time in ages I am not dreading the summer and losing my comfort blanket of big baggy shapeless jumpers. After the summer the 40th birthday looms and I am not going to ruin it all and become Fat and Forty!

“Joining Tracey’s class has been one of the best things I have done. I’ve made friends. I’m beginning, dare I say it, to enjoy exercise, and I’m finally becoming the me I’ve always wanted to be.”