Wow, look at you!

Platinum Club member Sammy has lost 46lbs and 53 inches since joining.

“I had lost some weight about 14 years ago and managed to keep it off for 8 years. I even went down to my pre-pregnancy weight after the birth of my daughters. Then it started to creep on. I used to miss out on meals, especially breakfast. I didn’t even eat crisps or much chocolate but I really liked jellies.

“I was getting fed up with looking at myself and feeling disgusted, in how I had let myself become that big. The hopelessness in trying and it just not happening. I wanted my daughters to see and copy being fit and healthy. It was all down to me and what I was putting in my mouth, I felt like a failure.

“I had tried the gym for a year, 3 times a week for and hour and a half but my weight was stuck. I could not get it to move on my own. I tried walking, air walker, exercise DVDs, slimfast. I also tried out the other slimming clubs but all to no avail. It was then I decided to join Tracey’s classes.

“Although I went to class on my own and was really nervous, Tracey and the girls were really lovely and fantastic. We were able to have a giggle and also have a moan. I was not judged or frowned upon. The exercise was a massive part of why I chose this club. The support, guidance and knowing that other members going through the same thing really helped me to lose weight.

“My husband and daughters are extremely supportive. They knew I was very unhappy about the way I looked. I would not have any photos taken of me and I wanted to get rid of my jelly belly. They have been with me all the way in my journey.

“Now that I’ve lost weight absolutely everything has improved. I am much happier, healthy, which makes for a happier home. I am full of energy and can dress to be seen rather than to cover up. I actually like myself. I exercise on a bike for an hour a day most days. I like exercise. I can now enjoy family life. I AM NOW IN CONTROL OF FOOD AND MY BODY!

“People say “Wow, look at you! Looking good!”

“I hope to lose a bit more weight and to stay happy and fit. I want to ensure my daughters are getting a positive role model and can make good choices about their health and food.

“I am so proud that I have managed to do it! And I know I will keep it off. It was the best thing I ever did for myself and my family.

“Going to Tracey’s club, where you can have exercise, get weighed, have the support and guidance, is the only way you will be able to lose weight, be healthy and keep it off! We are all in the same boat, and we will all have the same feelings. You can do it and succeed! Give it a try and live your life to the full. Stepping through the door is the hardest, but once you have done that you will fly.

“The group gave me a chance to socialise, have fun and to come away feeling good about myself – even when I had a tricky week and did not really want to go. That’s when you know you need too!

“Tracey is totally natural and makes you feel special and good about yourself. She will support your ups and downs. She gives the time to listen and talk, even when busy. Tracey is genuine, empathetic and lovely. I definitely would not have succeeded without Tracey and her classes. I will be going to Tracey’s classes for a very long time.”

Highest Weight14st 2lb
Lowest Weight10st 10lb
Highest BMI34.5
Lowest BMI26.3