Well done Wendy!

Wendy Underwood

During the last 29 years since having my 2 children Emma and Steven my weight has yo-yo up and down I tried various diets from the Rosemary 28 days with exercises to doing Weight Watchers.

It felt good that I had managed to lose weight each time, but bad habits creep back, weight went back on, clothes sites went up. In January of 2014 just as I’d put more weight on from a holiday, my friend Emma rang to ask if I would like to go along with her to Tracey class at Irthlingborough on a Tuesday night. Emma had a friend’s wedding coming up later on that year, so we could encourage and support each other.

The first evening I was very nervous about getting on the scales, shocked at how much I weighed. Tracey set my first goal loss and the battle began. Tracey has been say encouraging each week at weigh-in. If I have gained weight she would discuss the food plan and give advice to help me in the next week. Each group session that Tracey runs the members make you feel very welcome, are kind and supportive. The exercise classes are varied and fun so you don’t realise how hard you are working out .

Tracey started doing kettlebell classes on a Saturday morning, which are great laugh, high energy, but the hard work is paying off and changing my shape. I encouraged my husband along to the classes. He enjoyed them started to change his eating habits, losing weight. This encouraged me to keep going as after reaching my I gone I had reached a plateau, felt a bit despondent.

I have now reached my 2st plus a few pounds,with intention of keeping going to see if I can loose a little more weight I can now buy clothes a size smaller, I feel more confident in myself I have had compliments from friends, family and work colleagues on my weight loss,but the most surprising comments have been from patients (male and female ) which has been most unexpected, who 1 see in my line of work as a phlebotomist .

Highest Weight13st 3lbs
Lowest Weight10st 13lbs
Highest BMI36.1
Lowest BMI30.1